Beta #2

Beta #2 came in at 598. Don’t know if it is twins or a single. I’m hoping for two! The numbers did what they were supposed to do. Same meds, first ultrasound on April 19th at 7 weeks.

Official! FET #2 is a success!

For now…Beta was 226 today, 9dp5dt, or 14dpo had it been natural. I go in again on Friday at nine am for my second beta. I have to say…I was sort of disappointed that the number was so much lower than last time. It made me feel initially as though I had no chance at…

Where we are now

I neglected to keep track of how I was/am feeling the past few months. I have not lost weight – I’ve gained weight. I’m apparently going to perpetually be  148 pounds. I’ve gained ten pounds AT LEAST since starting this journey. This is difficult for me for many reasons. Mostly because I lost so much,…


Somehow I’ve gained ten pounds since my pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage.  Pissed. Been cutting and still working out and obviously watching what I eat. Not working. Decided to go back up to 1850. Pants don’t fit that well. Sick of it.


ATTENTION! There is a graphic photo in this post! I had never been pregnant before in all my 32 years of life, 15 years of my relationship, and 10 years (nearing 11) of marriage…and only two of those years on birth control. I also had never had a miscarriage, at least to my knowledge. I…


I lost my twins at six weeks. Super early to some, but they were still real to me, still my babies, and the only pregnancy I’ve had. I saw the flicker of their heart beats and my world revolved around their existence from the moment they came until I had to let go.


I did my second beta on Friday, so yesterday morning. It was my day to work a long shift (meaning all day), so I finally broke down and did a satellite blood draw here in St. Cloud. Well they never called me. It was like four. I called CRM in Minneapolis and they were closed….

Beta #1

Came in at 565! this is at 9dp5dt, or about 14 days past ovulation, if I had ovulated, and they weren’t frozen embabies. 🙂 Over the moon! I got the call at work, and am now trying to figure out money for the meds for the remainder of the cycle :huge sadface: (omg so expensive,…

7 and 8dp5dt

I took my last HPT yesterday, which was 7dp5dt. I was worried because it was still very light initially, though did show up before the three mins was up. As it dried, it looks like it is about as dark as the day prior. I have no more tests, so I can no longer worry…


Line was darker today! I decided to try the digital I had left over from December 2014 well before we started IVF. It was so exciting to see it say PREGNANT! I still feel like I can’t really get excited…or share it with others. I have told my parents, and I bought a cute card…