TTC Timeline

2000 – Dave asked me to the Junior Prom. He officially asked me out to date on Valentines day.

2001 – We graduated from highschool and the following fall, both started at the UofMN

2003 – Engaged on the third of July! Asked me when I got back from a family vacation out in the Grand Canyon/Arizona. Made me dinner in the Alpha Gamma Rho kitchen and proposed while out for a walk in Como Park.

2004 – Planned and designed our own fall/renaissance wedding which occurred on 11/20. There was no snow!

2005 – Graduated from the UofMN. Dave accepted a job in Austin, MN at KAAL. We lived there until March 2007. I worked at Riverland Community College as their Graphic Design Specialist. Started playing WoW.

2007 through 2008 – Moved to Richmond, VA. I was unemployed for a while and could not find a permanent position. I worked contract when available, until I found a job as a kennel tech at the SPCA, and then got hired as a full-time employee at Circuit City Corporate as they knew me from contract seasonal work until they went bankrupt. More unemployment. My Brother got married. I also went off of birth control at this time due to inability to procure a prescription from a doctor..who told me to just pick one and she would right a prescription…we used condoms as our only protection.

2009- August 1st, I started my weight loss journey which has helped change and define who I am. I finished this journey in 2011, but each day is a continuation as I battle the weight that comes along with the hormones and stresses of infertility treatments. I also started working at a small awards shop.

2011 – In April I hit my goal weight of 125, down from 240. We decided officially to start TTC. In June/July I made a preconception appointment. The Dr. gave me the OK and said I looked great. I had an abnormal papsmear, but this has been normal every time prior and everytime afterwards.

2012 – We moved home in May/June to Minnesota. We were trying to conceive this entire time by using OPKs and I did attempt temping for a few months. I did not enjoy this, so I stuck with the OPKs.

2013 – First SA’s done, Dave’s GP said he doubted we would get pregnant without IVF. We took the results to the Urologist, and he basically said he didn’t see anything really that concerning or out of the ordinary. Two months later I had a barrage of bloodwork done and another papsmear and ultrasounds to see how I was doing.

Jan 2014 – Started Clomid. Did not find anything abnormal with me, but insisted this would work. I was not diagnosed with PCOS, or as being Anovulatory.

May 2014 – Switched to Femara/Letrozole. Still doing all natural cycles. She did put me on Progesterone suppositories because she felt my progesterone was too low….but seeing as I was never pregnant, I felt that this was ridiculous.

July 2014 – IUI – failed. It was a messed up procedure with them calling us to return after Dave gave his sample multiple times and telling us to come later each time. I feel like they cooked it to death. Her hand shook the whole time she tried to get the catheter in, and she could never get it past the second sphincter. They had also found what MIGHT POSSIBLY be a polyp or some weird dark spot in my uterus in an ultrasound but did not set up an appointment to remove it or really go into depth about its importance. They INSISTED they would not see us until Dave had another SA and were seen by the Urologist. AGAIN.

Aug 2014- SA, Urologist. He did not tell us anything new, basically said he didn’t know what we expected of him. Didn’t even suggest or refer us to a specialty place until we pushed for it. It was like well things look OKish to me so /shrug dunno what you want me to do. I was pissed and threw away his recommendation that we choked out of him and decided not to do anything related to TTC until December.

Dec 2014 -Feb 2015 – Preseed and the Stork, started using OPKs again. Big changes at Dave’s job at the paper. Not a happy camper. Started going back to school for Computer Networking!

March 2015 – Consultation and first tests for IVF! Started birth control for my first cycle

April- May 2015 – Fresh IVF cycle. Freeze all. Polyp was found at last ultrasound before transfer 🙁 Dave got a new job at Netgain for what he is going back to school for!

June 2015- Polyp Removal, had started Birth Control for first FET

Aug 2015 FET #1 transfer, MC twins at 5w6d 🙁

Sept 2015 – HCG still high not dropping. There is still some tissue

Oct 2015 – D/C

Jan 2016 – Started meds for FET #2

March 2016 – FET #2, tried to thaw two for transfer. Had four embryos left. Two died. Put two in. BFP!

April 2016 – Found out I was carrying a single embryo, due 12/7/16

December 2016 – Booker Evans Brakke was born at 4:51 pm on December 9th.