Is honestly really hard. You wouldn’t think so, especially since we’ve been waiting for…well…what seems like ever. I’m sure every pregnant lady goes through this, but I have to say, those that have also waited through infertility seem to have waited long enough. GIVE ME MUH BABY! 😡

What have I been doing, in the two weeks since I don’t have a job?! Well…I’ve done a lot, considering that the first week was preparing for Thanksgiving. I’ve tried to get lots of things done before Booker arrives. That first week off I had both dogs scheduled with their new veterinarian (it seemed to make more sense to go somewhere else because their health care plans were more inclusive – even if a few bucks more expensive per dog) as their annual exams were coming due in December. So, Bear and Scout are up to date now on shots and what not. They will have more things done this spring and get their first dental cleaning as well (main reason I went to the Banfield plans). We cleaned the house last week, the day before Thanksgiving. Hosted Thanksgiving. I Got the baby book together. There were photos and things I needed to get off of my phone and uploaded to drop box so I could put them on our server. I printed stuff off and have things all prepared in the book that I could get done without the baby himself being here.

We ordered all the Christmas presents. Normally I make cookies, other types of homemade things like crackers or nut butters. Sometimes even lotions or bath things for the ladies. However, Dave suggested people were maybe sick of my treats 🙁 and his family always makes a ton anyway. To be honest they do never seem that impressed  (my family does, but then again, differences in how we all are); but I have gotten amazing at decorating and also use it as an experience to improve my packaging skills for my someday business expansion (from free-lance design Brakkenwood to making stuff with Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat). So…I guess its on to buying stuff like everyone else.

I am still waiting on one more present for Ben to arrive, Kate’s (I think its coming from Canada?!) gift, and Dave’s (coming from japan) gift. Otherwise, everything else is wrapped and under the tree.  I don’t have any thing for Booker. But what do you buy a brand new baby? We basically will have just bought HIM! 🙂 Because mom and I have our own little graphics/garment business, I also had her order two sublimateable stockings for him, so I guess that is kind of a present. I will design one for there, and one for here. I’m sure Gramma Brakke will make or buy her own as well. Since everyone is always trying to out do one another in the land of crafting and creating.

I also bathed the dogs, as mentioned in a prior post, and washed their bedding. Trying to stay on top of keeping the kitchen clean, the Christmas decorations are all up, annnndd we cleaned the house again this weekend…I still need to do the toilets, but I’ll get that done tomorrow.

Working out was hard today. I feel really tired and was really winded. I’ve been waking up early and letting the dogs out and eating breakfast and going back to bed for another couple of hours which is just beyond weird and unusual for me. Not sure what is going on with that.

Dave finished the bookshelves the week after the baby shower, so that was right before Thanksgiving as well. I had tried to refinish the fireplace so the wood matched a bit more, but it was too overpowering to do while pregnant – fumes wise. I’ll have to tackle this at a later date. However, they look so awesome 🙂 they are built-ins – we did our own Ikea Hack. Its not perfect, but I love them.

Just waiting for baby. He is due in three days!

Here are the bookshelves. What we had before – cheap ones from Kmart, and then the built ins. You can really see the color of the wood in this photo is sooo light on the pine fireplace. Eventually I’ll get that taken care of.

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