Well, here I am! Almost to my due date! I’ve been feeling pretty good. Honestly, it has been a pretty easy pregnancy after the initial scare of the blood in the 13th week when I went off my fertility meds and found out we had another hematoma. After that the only other issue was the elevated AFP, which was fine the second blood test. It has been fairly uneventful. My biggest issues were late in the second and early in the third trimester. He did get me a little short of breath, I had some restless legs and feet, constipation, and lots of indigestion. I’ve gone through tons of Tums. After he dropped, about four weeks ago, breathing has been easier, but I have noticed that my issues with sleeping are going away and I’m mostly sleeping through the night. Maybe getting up once or twice to go to the bathroom. I have noticed some soreness and pain on my right ribcage where he pushes, and then also across my back just below my shoulder blades.

My weight gain has  stopped. It got up to 173 D: (ahh! I was so unhappy with this! I remember being 125, then being comfortable at 130-135). Last week and this week I’ve held steady at 170 (making my total weight gain 22 lbs since I started the FET cycle of injections). So somehow lost some weight the week of Thanksgiving. I am still working out five days a week and walking the dogs two miles a day. I still love my prenatal workouts from Joy Southworth, I do those three days, and then two days of cardio. It was the Chalean Extreme cardio workouts, but i’ve since switched it up to modified low impact T25 workouts from alpha. I’ve been doing Speed 1.0 and the Cardio workout. Still eating 1850-1900 daily. Sometimes I’m naughty and go get a treat 🙁 like a donut for breakfast or a cupcake. I feel bad about it. However, even at my most fit, I did always allow for my favorite treats here and there. Otherwise you just go crazy.

I had a great 39 week appointment yesterday! I was basically told I was made to be pregnant lol. My appointments are uneventful. I have little to no swelling at all, my blood pressure is a tiny bit higher at 122/70 something, when it is normally like 98/63 or so. The doctor said she would sleep better and have a lot less stress if all her patients were like me. I was normal, and doing fantastic and that Booker could come at anytime! last week and this week I’ve stayed the same. 1cm dilated, 80% effaced, and he is in the correct head down posterior facing position and has been at station -1 since like week 36. Ugh move baby! dilate more cervix! I want to have this baby and meet him and move on with our lives! I want to get in shape again! 🙂 but that part is selfish.

Really though, we are so excited to meet him. He is still moving as much as he can with the space he has, though I have always measured on with fundal height, last week and this week he has been a week behind. She does not seem worried though. Amazing she thinks so much of me when she was worried about my early third trimester weight gain, and had given me lots of grief and anxiety about it. I told her about my history and how I manage and since then she has said nothing. We have our go bags all ready, but I’m sure I’m forgetting something.

We cleaned the house last week because we hosted Thanksgiving for the Pamp family; but it is dusty again. I washed the dogs beds and washed them lol. Just waiting around for baby! All the clothes and bedding etc we got from the shower has been washed and put away. I am trying to enjoy my last few days of freedom, especially since I do not have a job anymore. My last day was November 17th. I don’t miss it. I do kinda miss the people, but I’ve been so busy thinking about having the baby that I don’t think I will miss actual people for a while.

Here are a bunch of belly pics from 30 weeks until 39 weeks 🙂

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