Staying with the fairy tale theme, my friend katie from work and my mom (and some help from me :O) hosted the baby shower at my house on the 13th of November. My work friends were all invited and most came! I was thrilled with the turn out –  I was a little worried I wouldn’t have anyone come since I sometimes feel like I have no friends. We decided to do the food based on fairy tales and I made a lot of it. It had to happen this way because Katie is so busy, she handled the games and the invitations, and she did a great job! I’m so appreciative of her for wanting to do this for me; it meant the world and made me feel special and loved.

Mom couldn’t do a lot because she was in the field helping dad with harvest. She brought Gramma Pamp up that day as well and came a little early to help set up. I based the decorations off of the invitations/theme. Mom and I had gone shopping in Sioux Falls a couple of weeks earlier to get some supplies. I had jelly beans called Jack’s Magic Beans, I dyed caramel red and made caramel apples and called them Snow White’s Poison Apples. We had trail mix, and that was in honor of Hansel and Grettel. I made little chocolate stars with pretzels to be Fairy Wands. We had a veggie tray, that was Mr. McGregors garden from Peter Rabbit. We then wrapped little cocktail weenies in some crescent rolls we cut up and called them three pigs in a blanket. We had mulled apple cider and that was labeled Witches Brew. The cake we had made was FANTASTIC! From a small home operated bakery in Big Lake. She did a wonderful job and it was delicious.

I had a fantastic time making the favors; which were bags that I embossed with once upon a time, and then made a little book out of some paper and two hershey’s chocolate nuggets. I got sooo many things for Booker; toys, clothes, essentials. I won’t have to buy any clothes for at least a year! We were so amazed and humbled by everyones thoughtfulness and generosity. I did already get the thank-you’s out. Everything was just lovely 🙂

Other than some Brakke family drama in the basement…which stopped me from bringing my friends down to show them the bookcases Dave has been working so hard on for me :(. They are beautiful too. I’ll do a post on them later.

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