Finally getting around to doing this. We started the nursery back in…I’m going to say July. Once we were fairly sure we weren’t going to lose him. We decided to do grey andย  yellow. As far as a theme, I wasn’t really sure. Eventually I came upon a fairy tale theme. I also wanted it to be gender neutral-ish; even though we knew we were getting a boy (there is always that feeling that I have that omg what if it is really a girl?!). I could not find exactly what I wanted, which is normal for me being persnickety, visual, persistent, and demanding ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m such fun to live with. I had seen a picture that i loved for inspiration and decided to mold it to our colors and ideas. I also found inspirational wallpaper to go up at the top of the room sort of like a boarder. Once again, couldn’t afford it or it wasn’t the right color, or it would have been more work because it was unpasted and untrimmed wallpaper. I mean who even still sells that?! I’ll tell you: Bradbury & Bradbury. Oh their stuff is unique and lovely.

So, I copied the design as best I could, from their art deco section, and had a custom stencil made. This you can see in the yellow part of the room, with gold paint.ย  I also decided that I would make the bedding set, with the help of my mom, since I could not find one I liked that was in yellow and gray that did not have stupid designs on it. I then decided that mom would do some embroidery for me ๐Ÿ™‚ I was worried it would not get done, but we managed to get it all completed and put together before the baby shower (quilt arrived with mom that morning!). The crib, dresser, and changing table were from wayfair. Dave’s folks bought them for us – we honestly only thought they would get the crib, but they got all of it! It was a very generous and pleasant surprise.

I ended up designing the embroidery on the quilt, and the embroidery on the wall is from urban threads (I love their stuff!) that mom did on muslin. I painted frames from Hobby Lobby, and also made the chair pad for the old rocking chair from Dave’s house. All in all, we love it, and everything turned out marvelously. Dave did a fantastic job painting, and putting up the chair rail trim. I enjoyed stenciling and finding things to decorate the room with. The yellow boxes on the changing table came from Ikea.

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