28 weeks

Tomorrow! really bad at updating this! I guess that means things are going smoothly! They are 😉 Booker’s nursery is pretty much done. All we have left to do  involves sewing. So embroidery for some picture frames, and then making the rocking chair pad, quilt, bumpers, and mattress skirt. Then of course there is also embroidery on his quilt as well, that i designed based off of a smaller embroidery design i fell in love with. Once I have everything done, i’ll post photos. I LOVE the colors and how it turned out, and we have his crib, changing table, and dresser all put together.

We decided to go two different shades of grey, yellow, and metallic gold. I saw some awesome wallpaper, but decided to copy it into a custom made stencil instead. Cheaper, neater 🙂 easier to install, though the painting did take some time.

Right now, I am 28 weeks, on thursday i have my one hour glucose test, and I’m a little nervous. I basically was given a “well you are supposed to gain this much” at my last appointment in august, which I took to mean i needed more. So, two weeks ago, I started eating 1850 instead of 1750. I was 158 a month ago…so it will be interesting to see what damage I’ve done now after two birthdays and the state fair!

I’ve included some photos that I’ve taken over the last trimester. Things are going so fast! Dave and I have signed up for a CPR/AED/First aid class for adults and children – i need at last CPR/AED for my personal trainer certification, but we decided to do the child one so we can be prepared in case something happens to Booker. I also had to get more CECs for my certification, so I chose to do a Youth Fitness Specialty Cert so I can better help my son in the future.

Two more months of work! Getting excited! Labor classes start the second week of October! ahh! I can’t wait to meet him! Also, I’ve been feeling more movements the last two weeks, it isn’t as forceful as it was in the mountains this summer in July when I first started feeling him, but it is a lot more frequent and noticeable throughout the day. I feel like this week I have definitely (he has maybe more accurately) grown. I do not have a 28 week pic, but two weeks ago is close enough 🙂

I’ve been feeling great, still working out five days a week and walking the dogs everyday (unless I’m visiting the farm). Just now starting to get tired and moody and some indigestion/acid reflux the last couple of weeks.

These are, 21 weeks (with a comparison to prepregnancy and about 19 pounds earlier), 25 weeks, 26 weeks and 1 day.




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