A lot has happened! First of all, I had my “20 week” ultrasound appointment today! We found out for sure that the little baby I’ve been feeling moving around and nudging (I started feeling this at about 17/18 weeks, it just keeps getting more frequent and stronger) inside of me is indeed a boy! So we’ll be expecting Booker Evans Brakke to arrive around December 7th!

The due date and actual week of my pregnancy has been up to a lot of debate. I have however stuck with my original dating from when the embryo was transferred and its age at time of transfer; which would be December 7th and put me at 19w1d. However, the doctors have been going off of the size of the baby on ultrasounds, which have been measuring about a week ahead. Today though, they have it measuring at 19w3d, so Booker is right on target! They confirmed it was a boy, and that all the right parts were in all the right places. We saw his tiny little heart beating and all his fingers and toes.

At my first trimester screening, they had my AFP in the 99 percentile :O I was a little upset about this,understandably, but all other tests came back normal and negative. When I was 16weeks they redid the AFP test and it came back normal. Phew! Therefore, we are not expecting anything amiss genetically with Booker. The nursery has been started, and a few things have been purchased from garage sales. I can’t wait for everything to be finished.

I don’t know what I weigh now, but at my 16w appointment i was 150. I started this whole thing in the 132-135 range back before we started any IVF. I started the second cycle where I lost my twins at 138. As previously mentioned, I could not lose what I gained after the miscarraige and hung around at 140-145 for seven months. I was 148 at the start of my meds in February for the FET that brought us Booker. At 10weeks or so, I weighed in at 145, So i lost a little bit from not feeling so well (but I kept working out the whole time!).

Until about 9 weeks/10 weeks I was doing two days cardio, walking the pups two miles (1 mile each) and doing the ramp it up three days a week from Slim in Six. I lost weight eating at 1450 until I went in for my first prenatal appointment and decided I shouldn’t be losing and also finally got my Prenatal workouts. Since then, I’ve been doing body by trimester, and some videos from expecting more. I’m kind of bored with the cardio from expecting more, so I started popping in turbo fire, fire 30 and fire 45 two days a week. Body by trimester is all body circuit stuff that lasts about half an hour three times a week I use 10, 8, and 5 lb dumbells and a body ball. Additionally, I walk each dog 1 mile each day. I’m eating 1750 give or take 100 up or down. Other than I hate that I’m heavier and I don’t have a cute bump (thanks weird extra skin/fat on top of belly button), I’m enjoying my pregnancy and feel great!

Here are some photos of me. first of is January while just on birth control before starting meds for the March FET. 15 weeks, 17 weeks, and 19 weeks.

 Jan201615w 17w 19w1d

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