First Trimester Screening

its six weeks later….all is well. I was 12w yesterday when we had our screening. Still waiting for the results to come back, but the ultrasounds were incredible. The baby was very active, and it was just so amazing to watch it move. The tech thinks its a boy, but she wasn’t more than like 60% sure. It DOES look like something is protruding there. 🙂 If it is, this is little Booker Evans Brakke. Shame if we never get to use our girl name though, it is lovely 🙁 The progesterone shots and estrogen tablets were ended for me on sunday, as I just couldnt take it anymore. The doctor had said to continue until 12w even. I had one episode of spotting, and some cramps. I’ve also had an increase in BMs…all likely from lack of progesterone suddenly coming as a shock to my system. I feel a little better without the soreness in my rump. Do not miss the two months of needles every day.

Here is our little..guy maybe? Whatever and whoever you are, I already love you to pieces. I even got a cake to celebrate my lack of needle poking! 🙂 any excuse for store-bought buttercream! Baby is healthy and growing well – in fact about a week ahead! Heart rate was 170.

underside boy? skull


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